There is still hope


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Dedications and putting in the time

Haven’t posted in ages so here is one. As time passes by day to day I see myself faced with trivial challenges known as “First World Problems”. These are the problems in which one would find unreal to be look at as a problem such as, “I hate my job because it is uninteresting and boring.” I start to question this statement I tend to make and others follow in this as well. I understand that now people can get a job pretty easily if you are willing to dedicate yourself and specialize yourself in anything you do. Most people will go about his/her tasks day by day not really thinking how they can make themselves better at their job / make tasks easier or simply put change. I can’t seem to wrap myself around the notion that people do this day to day when they tell me, “I wish I were rich”, or “I wish I was as smart as you”, or “I wish I had more time”. I ask he/she “How could you change that?” I repeat if I wanted to be rich I simply would dedicate myself to something/anything that interested me and devote myself everyday to make that change. Money comes and goes, it is isn’t easy to become rich if you are not willing to put in the time and effort to change it. Then they say I wish I was as smart as you… I simply say if you want to be smarter than me simply read, study new things you didn’t know, don’t be narrow minded and keep an open mind about things. If you wanted to be a doctor, simply study the material day to day on what type of doctor you want to become devote yourself to it. People would reiterate to me “Not everyone absorbs new material as fast a you would” I simply would reply “If they put in the time and devoted themselves to it I am sure they would”. Then, people constantly say “I don’t have enough time…” or “It is too late for me”. I honestly can say I catch myself running into this as if there were not enough time in a day. But, it isn’t true. Everyone does have time. If you don’t have time you can make time. Instead of casually lounging around, having a vast social life, bouncing around from one social media site to another, or watching your kids. Simply put you can make time if you dedicate yourself and putting in the time to do so. Anyone can change, find your passion and dedicate yourself to making a change. Spitting some random non-sense that is running through my mind. -Jay H.

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Success is the Sweetest Revenge

nothing like proving haters wrong


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Web Series: Women

So I decided that I should start on web-series on what I, as a man, never understood about women.  It seems like nowadays women and men are always saying that they never understand why their significant other say or do certain things.  I understand that because I am a male my perspective will definitely be biased on these issues, however I believe this can offer maybe a little insight to what men (or at least this man) think about women.  Stay tuned there will be more to come.

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SOJA – You And Me

in a nutshell

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Eulogy of Our Youth

You know, it’s not uncommon to hear or feel that life just keeps getting progressively harder and harder with each coming year. I used to think this was true too. But it’s not so much that life gets harder, rather than it is simply just us losing our innocence. We are exposed to more things with every coming day and thus grow and mature.

The negative connotation that comes with growing older can come from life getting more difficult as more responsibilities and burdens are laid on you. However, I think it simply comes with the loss of our child-like innocence. The questions we once anxiously asked in our insatiable curiosity have simply lost their allure. When we once sought the mysteries of the world, we now have learned all the answers, and disappointingly, none of which had met the sophistication of our bright and avant-garde imagination.

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My Downfall

suicidal thoughts, self-destructive fantasies

fack off

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