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To Live And Die In LA

As most sports fans already know, recently there was a brutal beating that had taken place at Dodger Stadium involving two Dodger fans and a Giants fan. This unfortunate encounter that escalated to a far more unfortunate altercation has left the Giants fan, Bryan Stow in a coma with permanent brain damage.

Although this was a disastrous turn of events, it has confirmed the city of Los Angeles’ stigmatic stereotype of being littered with violent and gang-related crime. In order to understand “fanhood” in Los Angeles, you have to first understand the business of living in Los Angeles. The people of LA are not necessarily the wealthiest or the classiest of the group. And it is these same people who call themselves Dodger fans and Laker fans. If you want to be a comfortable pretentious sports fan, you can take your Range Rover down the I-5 with your rally monkey and root for the Anaheim Angels. Here in Los Angeles, people live and die for their team and bleed Dodger Blue. Let’s just say we Angelinos are passionate–sometimes too passionate.

If you can recall the infamous Los Angeles riots such as the one following the Rodney King beating in the early 90’s and one following the Los Angeles Lakers’ first championship in 2000, it is ironic how two completely separate circumstances surrounding two completely separate issues had sparked such similar and violent results. Violence seems not just to be a recurring issue in the city, but something ingrained in our diverse and eccentric culture.

Now, I am neither a Laker nor a Dodger fan, but I do love this city and am proud to call this city my home. I am also not promoting violence or the beating of the Giants fan. I just want people to understand Los Angeles culture. Although we live in the city of Angels, we are hardly angelic. Maybe we deserve the stigma. Maybe we deserve the publicity. All I am trying to say is, “Don’t Fuck With LA.”

Increased Security at Dodger Stadium for Scared Giants Fans

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