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christmas came a little early this year…

Allow me to introduce the newest member of my family….

now we just need to think of a name for her…. any suggestions??

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As you probably can guess its my sister’s birthday, her 17th to be exact.  Apparently she loves cupcakes, so since it is her day of the year I thought it would only be right to get her what she loves courtesy of Dots Cupcakes in Old Town Pasadena.


The Crew.

Christmas Spirit.

Chocolate Snowballs.


I know you’re wondering if they taste as good as they look, unfortunately I haven’t eaten any of them but I’m sure she’ll let me know.

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Somewhere I Belong

I need an escape…

I need to forget who I once was and become someone that is worthy of being looked up too… so that others can understand where I am coming from at not doing the things that I once did any longer. I know sometimes I can’t explain myself all the time and I know I don’t know everything but I trying to tell people from what I know how to change. This is something to put in the memory book how we learn from our friends mistakes and try to learn so we can teach others about the mistakes we have made. Everyone isn’t perfect but it takes a toll when one of your friends has to collapse or be put in a difficult situation for everyone to realize the things we do aren’t the best things in the world to do. Some people feel the things we do are greatly affected by the people around us and if we are putting ourselves in that environment we are setting ourselves for a long road which some people don’t have the time for that long journey. I would have to agree with the saying of Epictetus “It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” Sometimes people got to know their limits or the people we want to be by our side in the future they will drift away and will be just another memory. In order to change the world people need to really open their eyes. Because these idle eyes see people idolize the wrong type of people.
This poem really connected to how I feel and just wanted to show people some Def Poetry by Damon Marsh.

Could You Be My Best Friend?

I always talked about havin’ the
Forgot all my priorities and that was keepin’ the purple (loyalty) but I don’t to you.
You’ve been with me from day one everything I’ve been through.
It’s true that You’re my best friend but I act like you’re not.
At a time like this You’re all I got.
Forgive me for all the people that I’ve hurt.
The times that I messed up the times I was a jerk.
I try to walk myself towards you more but I steer away.
I still feel post-traumatic I don’t know what I fear today.
I wipe tearz away cuz sometimes I feel I’m lost in Your plans.
You’re the only one that’ll forgive me for bein’ who I am.
People don’t understand why You still show love.
Or the fact that You can only be the judge.
You show no grudge whenever I broke Your rules.
Forgive me and my friends for actin’ like fools.
You helped me use my brain through critical times.
Been down with me even when I did crimes.
Tryin’ to piece together the meanin’ of this life.
Like why sometimes the world can be so trife.
Everything’s done for a reason so I let it be.
Never questioned You by askin’ “Why me?”.
You’ve blessed me over and over a million times.
I guess that’s why when I pray I start cryin’.
I’m tryin’ but I ain’t tryin’ hard enough.
You got my back whenever things get tough.
I know my heart ain’t where it should be help me.
For years I’ve done wrong but that’s what kept me.
Kept me away from You but You never turned away.
Keepin my mind strong with lessons I learned everyday.
Any day I can leave and know that I’m Hell bound.
Does that mean I’ll come back to Earth cuz I’m in Hell now?
Before 9-11 I gave life a deaf ear.
Now I talk to You and thank You that I’m here.
Shed tears for my people whenever their eyes get dry.
I feel strong with my opinions for them I’d die.
You try to show us signs that the world is at doom.
Over population rivals mass genocide just to make room.
Sooner or later I’ll have to answer to You.
I pray that You’ll forgive me for what I will do.
I try to stay true and be the best man I can.
I go through trials and tribulations that only You can understand.
Never believed that I can’t but can so I thank you God.
I can be a better man and it’s through You I have to start.

Written by Damon Marsh

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my next purchase. thanks britt.

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