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Hip Hop is Dead

Recently, I was refreshed by a friend of what true and raw hip hop was all about. It was almost like being reborn to once again hear the music of the great Tupac in its simplicity and unrefined openness. Not to say his music is simple, but it lacks the technological determinism of today’s music. There is no real use or room for auto-tune. The lyrics actually speaks to the soul and allows one to share in his passion. The great artists of yesteryear didn’t make millions off songs that talk about shots of Patron or whatever meaningless crap like they do today. I can see how hip hop music has taken a turn for the worst and the golden years of the genre have slowly become extinct. This goes with the exception of Jay-z, Lil Wayne, and only a handful of other artists. Nas was right when he declared, “Hip Hop is Dead.”


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2010: Coming of Age

It has been a while since my last post, so I thought I would start of the new year off right this time with my New Years Resolutions.

1. Quit smoking cigarettes.

I first began smoking my freshman year of high school, but really started chain smoking about 2 years ago. It first began as a mode of stress relief and gradually developed into a simple bad habit. After a day of basketball and realizing how exhausted I was after three games, I realized that I could no longer compromise my health anymore.

2. No more drugs.


3. Cut down on cussing.

I have always felt that cursing is a vulgar misuse of language and is simply not necessary in expressing one’s emotion. I have gone through phases where I have completely stopped swearing, and phases where every other word is a swear word. Hopefully, this will last.

4. Be more family-oriented.

As an asian-american family, my family is not particularly cozy. We do not share about our days nor open up about our lives to each other. And recently my family has been going through difficult times, which is why I feel that I need to be more supportive and communicate more with my family. I feel like this resolution may the most difficult.

5. Find a job.

This is probably on everyone’s agenda, especially at my age of 21 and preparing to graduate. Fingers crossed, my friends.

This is a particularly interesting time in my life. Some want to call it the quarter-life crisis or simple depression, but I’ll just call it growing up. It began with wearing a shirt and tie and progressed to remaining well-groomed ┬áto removing all my piercings. I feel a change is on the horizon and it sure as hell isn’t starting with Obama. It’s starting with me. This year, 2010, will be a coming of age.

– Chomp

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