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fuck people, maybe even a fuck you.

This is a public service announcement.  Most of you might know but if you don’t know I am a cashier at Ralphs (on the corner of Santa Anita and Live Oak) and everyday I come in contact with people that come from all walks of life.  From the three (yes, it has been that long) years experience that I have working with Ralphs I have come to one conclusion, PEOPLE ARE FUCKING RUDE.  The funny thing is most of you don’t even realize how bad you treat any of the employees that are there to “serve” you.  So as a favor to all my coworkers and to all those who work retail here is a list of things that get on our nerves the most and if any of them apply to you I would hope that this message would spark some change.  Oh yeah and if you think this post doesn’t apply to you it most likely does.  So seriously go develop some common fucking courtesy.

  1. Why can’t you people say hello or ask how we are doing? I know that you don’t give a shit how your cashier or bag boy is doing, but is it that difficult to just ask and be nice?  Believe me I could care less about how you are doing (however, i get paid to ask) but it surprises me that every time I ask someone how they are doing they either don’t respond or don’t even ask how I am doing.  I know that working at a super market is not the most glamorous job in the world, but it doesn’t make it any better when the person that I am dealing with thinks they are too good to even give a response (yes, i’m talking to you).  One last thing, don’t just give me your “Ralphs club card number” when I ask how you’re doing.
  2. Get off your mother fucking cell phone. It’s one thing to not respond to something that I am asking you, but when it’s because you are too damn busy jibber jabbering on your phone it sets us off.  Why can’t you just put down your phone for a minute until you are done checking out?  Nothing is that important, and if it is maybe you should be attending to that issue instead of waiting in line for your groceries.  Just put the phone on silent and give that person a call back later I am sure that they would understand.  If you still decide to be talking on your phone when you’re coming through my register don’t be surprised if we “forget” to give you one of the items that you purchased.
  3. When you pick up something you don’t want, don’t just leave it any where. Give it to an employee or something, or put it back where you got it (I know that’s too much work for you lazy fucks).  But why the hell would you just stuff the item with the magazines or between a bunch of other cans? Especially when the item is frozen or perishable (yes, you are that stupid).  Oh yeah this goes for the carts and baskets that you use as well.  Push the carts all the way through or fucking put the baskets on the floor (and not where someone will fucking slip on it. idiots.)
  4. Speaking of carts,  get the ones that are outside, don’t get the ones that are inside they are there for a reason. Are you fuckers too blind to see that there are a bunch of carts right next to the entrance at our stores?  We even have a sign that tells you to get the baskets from outside, and to make you feel even dumber our blind customer knows that there are carts outside (im serious, he really does).  So I’m sure that you can’t miss them but then again I’m proven wrong every day. Go get some glasses or learn how to read signs.  Fuckers.
  5. Hand us the fucking money. Don’t just throw it at us.  There are so many of you mother fuckers that just throw the money on the conveyor belt when it is clearly on.  Why the fuck would you do that? I mean you see that my hand is in front of you waiting to collect the money and then you just throw it at me or leave it on the counter.  Who the fucked raised you? I need to go tell them that they did a horrible job.

So the next time you enter a grocery store or any retail store for that matter I hope that you will develop some fucking manners, make our jobs a little easier and maybe we will even treat you with a little more respect.  If you think that any of these don’t apply to you then you are probably one of the ones that I am directing this PSA to.  Fortunately or you this is all I can think of for right now, there are so many more things that you people do that get on our nerves.  If you think these are just things that I personally can’t stand you’re wrong,  these are pet peeves that are shared by all those that are working at Ralphs, ask your cashier next time about any of these things and if they say that it doesn’t bother them they are lying, they just don’t want to make you feel like the pieces of shit that you are.

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What have we learned from people always complaining about how they got like one man or woman for them? I think this ridiculous concept to perceive because I feel that there are many perfect things that aren’t that perfect for them in their lives. Because how come you don’t realize this guy or girl sitting at the side line looking at you saying how he can treat you like a princess is fine. Realize this it works.

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