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There is still hope



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Dedications and putting in the time

Haven’t posted in ages so here is one. As time passes by day to day I see myself faced with trivial challenges known as “First World Problems”. These are the problems in which one would find unreal to be look at as a problem such as, “I hate my job because it is uninteresting and boring.” I start to question this statement I tend to make and others follow in this as well. I understand that now people can get a job pretty easily if you are willing to dedicate yourself and specialize yourself in anything you do. Most people will go about his/her tasks day by day not really thinking how they can make themselves better at their job / make tasks easier or simply put change. I can’t seem to wrap myself around the notion that people do this day to day when they tell me, “I wish I were rich”, or “I wish I was as smart as you”, or “I wish I had more time”. I ask he/she “How could you change that?” I repeat if I wanted to be rich I simply would dedicate myself to something/anything that interested me and devote myself everyday to make that change. Money comes and goes, it is isn’t easy to become rich if you are not willing to put in the time and effort to change it. Then they say I wish I was as smart as you… I simply say if you want to be smarter than me simply read, study new things you didn’t know, don’t be narrow minded and keep an open mind about things. If you wanted to be a doctor, simply study the material day to day on what type of doctor you want to become devote yourself to it. People would reiterate to me “Not everyone absorbs new material as fast a you would” I simply would reply “If they put in the time and devoted themselves to it I am sure they would”. Then, people constantly say “I don’t have enough time…” or “It is too late for me”. I honestly can say I catch myself running into this as if there were not enough time in a day. But, it isn’t true. Everyone does have time. If you don’t have time you can make time. Instead of casually lounging around, having a vast social life, bouncing around from one social media site to another, or watching your kids. Simply put you can make time if you dedicate yourself and putting in the time to do so. Anyone can change, find your passion and dedicate yourself to making a change. Spitting some random non-sense that is running through my mind. -Jay H.

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Somewhere I Belong

I need an escape…

I need to forget who I once was and become someone that is worthy of being looked up too… so that others can understand where I am coming from at not doing the things that I once did any longer. I know sometimes I can’t explain myself all the time and I know I don’t know everything but I trying to tell people from what I know how to change. This is something to put in the memory book how we learn from our friends mistakes and try to learn so we can teach others about the mistakes we have made. Everyone isn’t perfect but it takes a toll when one of your friends has to collapse or be put in a difficult situation for everyone to realize the things we do aren’t the best things in the world to do. Some people feel the things we do are greatly affected by the people around us and if we are putting ourselves in that environment we are setting ourselves for a long road which some people don’t have the time for that long journey. I would have to agree with the saying of Epictetus “It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” Sometimes people got to know their limits or the people we want to be by our side in the future they will drift away and will be just another memory. In order to change the world people need to really open their eyes. Because these idle eyes see people idolize the wrong type of people.
This poem really connected to how I feel and just wanted to show people some Def Poetry by Damon Marsh.

Could You Be My Best Friend?

I always talked about havin’ the
Forgot all my priorities and that was keepin’ the purple (loyalty) but I don’t to you.
You’ve been with me from day one everything I’ve been through.
It’s true that You’re my best friend but I act like you’re not.
At a time like this You’re all I got.
Forgive me for all the people that I’ve hurt.
The times that I messed up the times I was a jerk.
I try to walk myself towards you more but I steer away.
I still feel post-traumatic I don’t know what I fear today.
I wipe tearz away cuz sometimes I feel I’m lost in Your plans.
You’re the only one that’ll forgive me for bein’ who I am.
People don’t understand why You still show love.
Or the fact that You can only be the judge.
You show no grudge whenever I broke Your rules.
Forgive me and my friends for actin’ like fools.
You helped me use my brain through critical times.
Been down with me even when I did crimes.
Tryin’ to piece together the meanin’ of this life.
Like why sometimes the world can be so trife.
Everything’s done for a reason so I let it be.
Never questioned You by askin’ “Why me?”.
You’ve blessed me over and over a million times.
I guess that’s why when I pray I start cryin’.
I’m tryin’ but I ain’t tryin’ hard enough.
You got my back whenever things get tough.
I know my heart ain’t where it should be help me.
For years I’ve done wrong but that’s what kept me.
Kept me away from You but You never turned away.
Keepin my mind strong with lessons I learned everyday.
Any day I can leave and know that I’m Hell bound.
Does that mean I’ll come back to Earth cuz I’m in Hell now?
Before 9-11 I gave life a deaf ear.
Now I talk to You and thank You that I’m here.
Shed tears for my people whenever their eyes get dry.
I feel strong with my opinions for them I’d die.
You try to show us signs that the world is at doom.
Over population rivals mass genocide just to make room.
Sooner or later I’ll have to answer to You.
I pray that You’ll forgive me for what I will do.
I try to stay true and be the best man I can.
I go through trials and tribulations that only You can understand.
Never believed that I can’t but can so I thank you God.
I can be a better man and it’s through You I have to start.

Written by Damon Marsh

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Take a step of Hope

In life are hopes and dreams take the best of us. What I mean that everyone in life has these hopes and dreams that maybe one day his/her life will be better and his/her dreams will come true whatever they may be. I believe in every person there is someone willing to see beyond today and tomorrow realizing that what is to become of them in the future and how each step they take today is changing their chances of tomorrow. I feel that most people realize that life is not as fun anymore as they age each and every day they are thinking about their dreams and goals and how are we going to conquer them. I am wondering if anyone has taken it even a step further and realized each day we live is one more day closer to our death and do you think that someone is really thinking about what impression am I going to make myself on others on the day that you or I die.  I want to test all the readers that look at this if you are willing to do this you will help the world to be a better place. My test is that I want you to help a family member, a friend, or even a stranger in desperate need. You can make a change today if you take a step of hope. A step of hope for that when you die everyone will remember you for being the most altruistic person in your group of friends, family, or the world.

On a side note I felt like writing a poem. Because I have been watching too much Def Poetry which is so real.

Title: Obsession
Life is objective. So subjective to the changes of our goals
that of which are desires to make changes to are certain roles.
we affect others each and every day
that life is this silly game we play
some people have this obsession
they believe we can get ourselves out of this great depression
this state of mind
gives us time to rewind
and think of tomorrow
let me give you hope that tomorrow won’t bring you sorrow
for it is a new day
where we can sit around or play
let me say a few words
I have an obsession
with depression
why because these real eyes realize the real lies
that everyone holds within themselves when time flies
all the people around them disappear
only to reappear
when they are needed
that can be seeded
in everyone of us.
Let me say a few words
I have this obsession
with not depression but aggression
that I bottle up inside of me
so no one has to see
that side of me but only see the light
when darkness comes I’m out of sight
to change into someones super hero
that in reality may only be a zero
but is willing to make changes.
Let me say a few words
I have an obsession
this time its not aggression or depression but progression
what does the future hold for you or I
is it something to past the time before you die
let me change your perspective
this is not a course its an elective
the future is the choices you make today
whether it be drugs, love, money or whatever you might say
Remember this that you are not alone
because this obsession with whatever it may be can be changed, something to hone
So, don’t worry about these obsessions
For these are only my confessions.

Written by: Jay Hervey


The Responsibilities in Life

As everyone passes through his/her life people start to realize the responsibilities they have to maintain that dream he/she desires. Let me tell you that these responsibilities grow  day after day and the longer a person takes to realize that they have these certain obligations and responsibilities they start to regret that maybe they shouldn’t have done those certain drugs or got into that certain gang or even changed from they way they used to be. I have realized that the saying “Live everyday like it’s your last” isn’t the smartest way to live by. For if you are only always thinking about now or this moment you fail to realize what the future may hold for us with the choices we make today. Everyone needs to re-think what they do today… because is it what is best for you even if it was your last day to live.  I believe the choices we make today do affect the future we want to have and if you want to go places in your life not like taking out the trash… or even going to friends place… like going somewhere where you are completely satisfied with your life and living each day like you don’t have those responsibilities any longer.  I know if you Believe in Yourself, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to with enough perseverance anything is possible.

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What have we learned from people always complaining about how they got like one man or woman for them? I think this ridiculous concept to perceive because I feel that there are many perfect things that aren’t that perfect for them in their lives. Because how come you don’t realize this guy or girl sitting at the side line looking at you saying how he can treat you like a princess is fine. Realize this it works.

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Things people should know about Driving

These are some facts and opinions I have toward driving in general

Fact: I honestly hate bad drivers!

Opinion: I feel most women are bad drivers and almost every guy in the world would agree
FACT: People need to understand the freeway: The left side lane is the carpool lane usually meant for people who are going fast with more than one person so that more than one person can get to a place faster than they would in normal traffic (This means if you are going less than 80 get the fuck out of the carpool people have places to go) the lane next to the carpool lane 2nd farthest lane is known as the fast lane. People should know this is the lane where people want to go to go fast because they have places to go and they can’t go in the carpool lane because there is only one person in the car and they don’t feel like breaking the law (This means if you are going less than 80 get the fuck out of this lane because people have places to go) Next is the lane next to carpool lane or the middle lane of the freeway in this lane people really need to know this lane is known as the changing lane so if you are in this lane people should be going around (70-80mph) if you are blocking traffic please move to the furthest right side lane. The furthest right side lane *WARNING* this is known as the SLOW LANE understand THIS LANE IS FOR SLOW PEOPLE and people are going to try to get off the freeway here so they go slow for a reason and big rigs tend to be in this lane for a reason because they have to get off and can’t be being blocked off when they need to get off the freeway. This is usually the speed limit lane or exit lane so if you aren’t going at least the speed limit get the fuck off the freeway.

Opinion: When you are getting tail gated that means you are driving to fucking slow so please speed up or move to the furthest right side lane where the slow drivers are suppose to be or the lane you feel you should be in look above.

FACT: During when traffic hits most people do not know that the freeway laws are reversed from above because everyone feels like they need to go to the right lane because it is faster but it isn’t true because everyone tries going to that lane and clogs up and with the carpool lane most of the time is fast can get clogged from retarded drivers.

Opinion: A driver should know if you are getting cut off don’t be alarmed it was because you were driving too slow for either the retarded reckless driver or the experienced driver that has to get from one place fast and you are in his/her way.

FACT: Everyone knows that you can get a ticket for not signaling 100 feet from the point you are turning. SO LEARN TO FUCKING SIGNAL its only a little flick of your finger. If you leave your signal on please actually go to that direction and not leave it on just to piss off drivers behind you.

Opinion: I feel handicapped people can not drive (thus being handicapped) bless their souls these people but I feel they should have timed driving limits. I don’t understand why they are allowed to drive when they are handicapped beats me and is there a reason why they drive so slow?? Handicapped people should not be allowed in any other lane than the furthest right lane or the SLOW LANE.

FACT: If you making a left at a yield traffic light if you can count to 3 you could have gone and if you didn’t go realize you just made someone behind you waiting a chance to have gone from their destination a little bit faster help the world out and try to follow it. (Experienced/Expert drivers only) If you have a fast enough accelerating car and they look like retarded drivers at the light you can jump the gun and make it but if people these cars are determined to get you they will.

Opinion: I feel that old people can not drive either. They need to be in the SLOW LANE on the freeway and should realize that speed limit is normal and *Impeding TRAFFIC IS A TRAFFIC VIOLATION*

FACT: People need to know to be courteous with parking please learn to park and do not park in the middle and be a douche *CAUTION* gangsters/angry people will key you if you do this or DOUBLE PARKING don’t be a Fucktard and think your car is extra special to have to take two spaces if it that special go get someone to watch after you car or valet that shit bitch.  Parking in the lines is much appreciated so please don’t park correctly if you can’t correct yourself in 3 times you may need to learn how to park on your own time don’t waste everyone’s time around you.

Opinion: I feel most Asian drivers do not know how to drive if you are one of them please stay on the slow side of traffic or please try to follow the traffic laws as much as possible.

FACT: People driving under the influence of drugs may drive recklessly and most people tend to this later at night so if you are driving from 12-4 *Beware of people on drugs and try to give them some space*

Opinion: I feel people who drive new cars need to learn that you do not need to stay 100 feet away from the car in front of you… it will not hurt to drive a little closer possibly until you can’t see the back of their tires anymore.

FACT: If you are tired or too fucked to drive let someone drive you home please this can cause accidents.

Opinion: Cops are way too biased to women in the driving field and let them off way to easily. (Advice for men) Have a woman in the car with you they may be able to get out of tickets.

If you do not agree with this agree to disagree. 🙂
This is what I feel just my opinions.
If you feel there is more that should be on this feel free to add.

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