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Random Thoughts #2 – Definition of Beauty

The idea of beauty has always been an ambiguous subject yet so innately and thoroughly understood. It is almost as if everyone understands what beauty is but cannot describe it in any single word, phrase, or definition. There are too many words or too little words or not the right words to properly owe the term justice. Even all of us who lack the proper terminology to fully describe this far-fetched notion can recognize and appreciate beauty when we see it, what ever it looks like. Nevertheless, the enigmatic question remains and still stands uncontested: What exactly is beauty?

The thought of beauty to many immediately conjures thoughts of voluptuous curves, big hair, and golden tans. But this is not what I’m talking about. True beauty isn’t hidden under layers of dyed, fried hair or coats of tanning oil. Beauty isn’t subject to eyeliner and foundation. You can save the make-up for those who need to make-up for something else later.

No, I’m talking about a beauty that is timeless, organic, and unconditionally pure. Now we are seeing that beauty isn’t something you can just flip on a TV and see on MTV or open to find in a Vogue magazine. It is much more subtle than that, which is exactly why such a thing is so rare and cannot be imitated with a Clinique powder brush.

A popular saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I only partially subscribe to this idea. This phrase admits to beauty as being subjective and only acknowledged by a select taste.I do believe there is a certain beauty that can only be discerned by a couple. But this is hardly what I am getting at.

I find true beauty is an unquestionable and unanimous thought. It is one that all recognize to be so pure and iridescent that it seems almost unreal. It is one that cannot be tampered with, polluted, or even dare lusted after. True beauty is what transcends our worldly thoughts and that is exactly the reason why we are at a loss for words. Beauty cannot be defined into a collection of words no matter how elegant. I believe it can only be witnessed and felt when we are speechless and in awe of it. Though proper vocabulary eludes us, true beauty never does.

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Random Thought

We scrutinize and reject any notions of adultery and infidelity in society, despite their great increase in today’s relationships. Divorce rates are up, and that is sadly nothing new. And it seems like there is more and more promiscuous activity in dating. Not only is it more prevalent, but it is equally becoming more accepted. Since when did infidelity become tolerable?

I always find myself playing the devil’s advocate in many matters. But in this particular case I am not taking sides. I just ask the questions that challenge your own morals because sometimes the line between listening to your heart and listening to your head is paper thin.

If you knew the person you’re involved with is not as good as someone else, what would you do? Would you leave for the greener grass or stay at first and hope for the best? If you knew there was another person that could make you happier, what would you do? On the other hand, what would you do if the person you love/like was with someone else? What if you both knew you two would be happier together?

The very roots of infidelity sprout from innocent curiosity and is nurtured by the rays of unspoken dreams and lovestruck emotions. Equally vital yet unseen is the lust, jealousy, and heartache that sustain it. On the surface we find beauty only to realize such radiance stems from our own deep-seeded selfish desires.

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