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jay hervey strikes again….

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Take a step of Hope

In life are hopes and dreams take the best of us. What I mean that everyone in life has these hopes and dreams that maybe one day his/her life will be better and his/her dreams will come true whatever they may be. I believe in every person there is someone willing to see beyond today and tomorrow realizing that what is to become of them in the future and how each step they take today is changing their chances of tomorrow. I feel that most people realize that life is not as fun anymore as they age each and every day they are thinking about their dreams and goals and how are we going to conquer them. I am wondering if anyone has taken it even a step further and realized each day we live is one more day closer to our death and do you think that someone is really thinking about what impression am I going to make myself on others on the day that you or I die.  I want to test all the readers that look at this if you are willing to do this you will help the world to be a better place. My test is that I want you to help a family member, a friend, or even a stranger in desperate need. You can make a change today if you take a step of hope. A step of hope for that when you die everyone will remember you for being the most altruistic person in your group of friends, family, or the world.

On a side note I felt like writing a poem. Because I have been watching too much Def Poetry which is so real.

Title: Obsession
Life is objective. So subjective to the changes of our goals
that of which are desires to make changes to are certain roles.
we affect others each and every day
that life is this silly game we play
some people have this obsession
they believe we can get ourselves out of this great depression
this state of mind
gives us time to rewind
and think of tomorrow
let me give you hope that tomorrow won’t bring you sorrow
for it is a new day
where we can sit around or play
let me say a few words
I have an obsession
with depression
why because these real eyes realize the real lies
that everyone holds within themselves when time flies
all the people around them disappear
only to reappear
when they are needed
that can be seeded
in everyone of us.
Let me say a few words
I have this obsession
with not depression but aggression
that I bottle up inside of me
so no one has to see
that side of me but only see the light
when darkness comes I’m out of sight
to change into someones super hero
that in reality may only be a zero
but is willing to make changes.
Let me say a few words
I have an obsession
this time its not aggression or depression but progression
what does the future hold for you or I
is it something to past the time before you die
let me change your perspective
this is not a course its an elective
the future is the choices you make today
whether it be drugs, love, money or whatever you might say
Remember this that you are not alone
because this obsession with whatever it may be can be changed, something to hone
So, don’t worry about these obsessions
For these are only my confessions.

Written by: Jay Hervey


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at it again.











True Love.


This Is How We Do.


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unexpected heartbreak.

First, let me say that this post is not what you might think, its not about the heartbreak from a relationship with, but rather with someone that you and even i would have never expected.  From what i have written in the past you would believe that i hate all the customers that step into Ralphs, however that is not the case.  Occasionally there will be people that come through my line that are just a pleasure to have, people that intrigue me, people that have a story to tell or an experience to share (maybe those are the same things), and last but not least people that are just able to change your outlook on life (positively of course) just by being themselves.  For the most part, i could care less about what customers think about me, or whether or not they have a favorite cashier to go through every time they come to the store, but when you have a complete stranger/customer tell you that they enjoy coming through your line or just talking to you its……. surprising.  From that moment on i would say that a friendship has started… from that point on every time they enter your store you pay special attention to them that you wouldn’t do with customers (maybe its wrong to give more attention but that is just the way it is).  I wouldn’t go as far to say that you look forward to seeing those customers, but rather you look forward to the next conversation with them.  However, you would never think that your next conversation would deal with one of you dying…. and im not talking about me.  This lady that i have been talking to the passed two months or so has just told me that she has cancer.  When i first heard the news i didn’t know what to say but “im sorry” i was so shocked that i just wanted to change the subject and not think about it.  As she left the store it was all i could think about.  The lady that was once full of life now looks frail and beaten, and it breaks my heart to know that i can do nothing about it.  Its flattering (probably the wrong word to use) to know that someone you barely started to know can tell you something that is so personal,  you begin to think that what if one day they stop coming in… it wouldn’t be because they had a bad experience and that they would start shopping somewhere else, but because that they are no longer with us.  I know that death is a part of life, but i would never wish for someone to go out this way.  I hope that she still has some fight left in her because its not over until its over (i know… cliche) and I don’t know the specifics of her situation and im not sure if i even want to know. From now on i will hope to see her again, to have another conversation with her because it might just be our last one.


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The Responsibilities in Life

As everyone passes through his/her life people start to realize the responsibilities they have to maintain that dream he/she desires. Let me tell you that these responsibilities grow  day after day and the longer a person takes to realize that they have these certain obligations and responsibilities they start to regret that maybe they shouldn’t have done those certain drugs or got into that certain gang or even changed from they way they used to be. I have realized that the saying “Live everyday like it’s your last” isn’t the smartest way to live by. For if you are only always thinking about now or this moment you fail to realize what the future may hold for us with the choices we make today. Everyone needs to re-think what they do today… because is it what is best for you even if it was your last day to live.  I believe the choices we make today do affect the future we want to have and if you want to go places in your life not like taking out the trash… or even going to friends place… like going somewhere where you are completely satisfied with your life and living each day like you don’t have those responsibilities any longer.  I know if you Believe in Yourself, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to with enough perseverance anything is possible.

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