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Pretty awesome.

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San Francisco 2.18.11 – 2.20.11

Took a little trip to San Francisco to celebrate the birthday of Andrew and Patricia.

That 24 hour champagne diet.

cau cau – seared scallops, tiny potatoes,sweatpea and caramelized onion risotto with an aji amarillo mint

chorillana – catch of the day seared with red onion, mashed yucca, tomato and tamarind sauce


A cupcake is still a damn cake.

Damn homie.

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try watching this high..

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Picture of the Day #2

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QOTD: Quote of the Day #6

This goes out to all those who believe that success is everything and those who are too scared too try.

“Success doesn’t make you, and failure doesn’t break you.” – Zig Ziglar

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Came across this today thought it was pretty awesome/creative…click here to be directed to the website for more pictures and a video.


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