team roster series – episode 2

Justin Michael (Reality Check)

That’s THE Justin Michael formerly known as Justin Chan. If my boy was to be a Marvel Comics superhero, I think he would, without a doubt, be Gambit. You know, that dude with a brown trench coat, red eyes, and has the ability to fucking set playing cards ablaze! Yeah, Justin is like that.. sort of. Like Gambit, Justin’s handy with his cards and takes his gambling seriously. He likes lighting things up too except it won’t be a deck of cards as much as it will be a pack of tobacco sticks. Carrying around a pole ain’t his swag either, although JMC knows how to work one ( Jeff knows it all too well).

I’m not a person who subscribes to anything. I mean I don’t read Men’s Health, Wall Street Journal, or Sports Illustrated or anything like that. But I’ll tell you what I do read almost religiously, especially around basketball season – Justin’s Facebook status. He should win a Nobel Prize or Pulitzer for that shit because it literally keeps me happy and living longer. But hey, he tells it how it is and you can always count on the guy’s brutal honesty and that’s why we love him. Thanks, Reality Check!

PS: Here’s his most recent post
Justin Michael Chan
garbage ass heat, lakers ALL DAY.

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