Hip Hop is Dead

Recently, I was refreshed by a friend of what true and raw hip hop was all about. It was almost like being reborn to once again hear the music of the great Tupac in its simplicity and unrefined openness. Not to say his music is simple, but it lacks the technological determinism of today’s music. There is no real use or room for auto-tune. The lyrics actually speaks to the soul and allows one to share in his passion. The great artists of yesteryear didn’t make millions off songs that talk about shots of Patron or whatever meaningless crap like they do today. I can see how hip hop music has taken a turn for the worst and the golden years of the genre have slowly become extinct. This goes with the exception of Jay-z, Lil Wayne, and only a handful of other artists. Nas was right when he declared, “Hip Hop is Dead.”

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