The Responsibilities in Life

As everyone passes through his/her life people start to realize the responsibilities they have to maintain that dream he/she desires. Let me tell you that these responsibilities grow  day after day and the longer a person takes to realize that they have these certain obligations and responsibilities they start to regret that maybe they shouldn’t have done those certain drugs or got into that certain gang or even changed from they way they used to be. I have realized that the saying “Live everyday like it’s your last” isn’t the smartest way to live by. For if you are only always thinking about now or this moment you fail to realize what the future may hold for us with the choices we make today. Everyone needs to re-think what they do today… because is it what is best for you even if it was your last day to live.  I believe the choices we make today do affect the future we want to have and if you want to go places in your life not like taking out the trash… or even going to friends place… like going somewhere where you are completely satisfied with your life and living each day like you don’t have those responsibilities any longer.  I know if you Believe in Yourself, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to with enough perseverance anything is possible.

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